LYME Regis Gig Club had a masterful hat trick of results at the Swanage Regatta.

The Lyme Regis Masters Team (over 60s) won their race at the on Saturday, beating five other teams from across the South West.

The Masters is a new category introduced to gig rowing and pioneered by Lyme Regis earlier this year, when the club staged the world’s first Masters Regatta in April.

The ever successful Lyme Regis Men’s Super-Vets Team (over 50s) also won their race, beating Langstone and hosts Swanage in a tough race around the one-and-a-half-mile course.

Pete Rowsell, who along with Chris Walters competed in both the Mixed Masters and Men’s Super-Vets races, said: “It has been a great day for the Lyme Regis teams, as the hard work and training is paying off with results.”

The Men’s C Team also won their race, featuring Woodroffe School student William Vernon in his first race as part of a senior men’s team.

William has competed successfully within the club’s youth teams and is part of the Lyme Regis Development Crew to transition into the men’s teams and train for future wold championship races.

William said: “It’s great to be part of a winning team, especially in my first race. I have been training all winter and I’m looking forward to competing in other regattas this summer.”

Unfortunately, the Swanage Regatta was curtailed by the weather closing in and making conditions too rough for racing. This left the Lyme Regis Men’s and Women’s A and B Crews without a chance to compete on the day.

Lyme Regis will be hosting it’s own regatta on Saturday, August 13 as part of Lyme Regis Regatta & Carnival Week.

It will also be competing most weekends in regattas across the South West and continue to build on successful results in the World Championships, held on the Isles of Scilly in May.

Source: LymeOnline