If you are already a rower and would like to join us, or if you would like to join as a social, non-rowing member, please contact the Membership Secretaries Imogen Hovil and Anna Doxey.

For adults, the process for joining the gig club as a new rower is as follows: we offer a Learn to Row course for new rowers to get the basics and start learning correct technique and how to row as a crew.

The first part is land-based to check basic level of fitness for starting our Learn to Row course and includes a 40-minute session held in the Pavilion Buildings on the seafront at Lyme, and costs £10.

The water-based course runs for a full day and costs £25. If you subsequently join the club, the £15 joining fee is waived and we will then organise further Learn to Row sessions for you to build your technique and confidence before you join our recreational rowing sessions or competitive squads.

Learn to Row courses will restart in late spring 2024.


Running of the Club

A club is only as strong as its membership, and it is the intention of the Lyme Regis Gig Club to make membership available to all, whether they be Social or Rowing members. However, with 150 members, organising rowing schedules, gym workouts, gig maintenance, coxing duties, painting the gig shed, running fundraisers etc is an enormous amount of work, all done on a voluntary basis: nobody gets paid for the support they provide.

Therefore, all members will now be expected to contribute in some way.  

Lyme Regis Gig Club offers six categories of membership:

  1. Adult rower 21 years of age and over @ £85.00pa plus £2 per session
  2. Part year adult membership – 6 months (from 1st October to 31st March) @ £45.00 or 3 months (from 1st January to 31st March) £25.00 plus £2 per session
  3. Cornish Pilot Gig Association visiting member only @ £10.00pa
  4. Social member – Non Rower @ £20.00pa
  5. Junior rower between 12 and up to 20 years of age @ £10.00pa plus £1 per session
  6. Sea Skiff rower between 8 and 12 years of age @ £10.00pa plus £1 per session